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David Young, owner, Young's Test Prep
"Jon Zion has developed a deserved reputation as a very knowledgeable, compassionate and congenial writing instructor. Like most capable essay instructors, Jon is very effective in teaching his students how to structure an essay and how to avoid common writing mistakes. But Jon’s particular strength is in helping his students to uncover and exploit their own strengths…I have been told many times over by parents that Jon’s persistent encouragement was pivotal in ’moving the needle’ in their child’s perception of their own abilities and in their willingness to seek self-improvement."

Jim Manly, Superintendent, KIPP NYC Public Schools

"Jon Zion is an astute writing instructor who stands out in his sincere dedication to his students' success."

Prof. Neil Arditi, Literature Faculty, Sarah Lawrence College 
"Jon Zion has been helping students sharpen their writing skills and present their best selves to college admissions offices for as long as I've known him. He's a person of great integrity and ability, and I plan to make use of his talents for my children."

Tasha M., friend

"Jon is thoughtful, intelligent, and patient - and his signature dry humor will help with any writing woes. Highly recommend."

Mrs. S., parent
"Graham told me the Zoom meeting ['Looking Ahead to College'] was much better than he expected. Thank you!"

Gene L., parent

"Jon, I wanted to say thank you so much for exceptional work [Common App and supplemental essays] with my daughter."

Frank D., student

"Hi, a shout out to recommend Mr. Zion. He's an amazing writing teacher." 


Vivian B., parent

"Big big thank you for helping Ash with her essays!!!! Love her personal statement and her supplementals. You are awesome!!!!!"

Christian V., student
"I [admitted to Brown University] just wanted to let you know that my application was made possible because of you. I was feeling very far behind and without your help [Common App and supplemental essays] I don't think I would've been able to do it all. At least not to the quality that it is. As always thank you so so much."

Ben Z., son
"Pops, thanks for forcing me [now at the University of Florida] to write better!"


Sanjay M., parent
"I wholeheartedly recommend Jon Zion for essay instruction. Thanks to him my twins progressed as writers in a very short time. My children have different strengths and Mr. Zion knew how to push each of them to do their best."

Jillian D., student
"[In two lessons] I learned more about writing from you than I did from my English teacher last year."

Mrs. B., parent
"The [Common App] essay is a trillion times better and your help was/is priceless."

Nancy R., parent

"My daughter is starting to work on her common app essay. We were very happy to have you work with our older daughter [now at Cornell University]. Please let us know if you have availability."

Alan M., parent
"Jon is an easygoing person. My son is nervous around people he doesn't know well, especially adults, but he actually looked forward to the second lesson."

Sarah W., student
"After meeting with you [twice] and doing the practice essays, my [ACT essay exam] score [out of 12] went from 6 to 10!"

Sharon G., parent
"Angelina was very lucky to be tutored by you Jon. You not only prepared her to do great on the [ACT] essay but you also helped her improve her writing for school and brainstorm and write a great college essay!"

Rose H., parent

"Jon was easy to get in touch with, quickly responding to our needs and giving our daughter [now at Vanderbilt University] the exact guidance and information she needed to succeed."

Tyler L., student
"Mr. Zion? Really smart and really nice."

Mark B., parent
"[At Young's Test Prep,] Jon Zion was very effective in his analysis of my [three] kids' strengths and weaknesses, providing them the guidance and confidence they needed to improve. I was so impressed with Jon that I hired him for additional private sessions."

Bella B., student

"I owe much of my success to you! Thank you again!"

Cam F., parent

"Jon is excellent. Really intelligent and cares a lot about teaching. I highly recommend him."

Rianna D., student

"The college application process went really well, I got into everything that I wanted. Thank you so much for all your help!!"

Peter L., student

"I got accepted to almost all the schools I applied to and have decided on CCNY majoring in Jazz Studies. Thank you for your help with the essay. I learned a lot about writing from you!"

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