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I enjoy motivating both high achievers and less driven students to fulfill their potential as writers. Whatever your level of writing proficiency, the following six services are available:

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 Diagnosis & Prescription [grades 9 -12]

Find out what ails yours writing and learn what you can do to improve its health.

Send a sample of your writing (up to 650 words, preferably handwritten), or write an essay in response to one of the prompts available via the PDF icon here. I'll return your submission as soon as possibleusually within a few dayswith 45 minutes worth of feedback pointing out your writing's key strengths and weaknesses. Follow-up sessions are available to discuss next steps.

Written feedback = $75

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 Word by Word [grades 9 -12]

Improve your writing and gain greater confidence one word at a time.

It's not surprising that overextended teachers with multiple classes give inadequate attention to their students' essays. More often than not, a grade and at most a few comments are all the feedback that students receive for their writing efforts. Rewrites, however, are essential for anyone to become a better writer, In a 50-minute session, viewing a shared Google doc, we'll discuss in depth a piece of your writing. We'll focus on thought precision, word choice and sentence structure variety—word by word,

Virtual one-on-one conversation = $75

 College-Application Essays [grades 11-12]

We'll examine the big picture and important details — whether you need just a push in the right direction, assistance from start to finish, or something in between.

Together, for 60 minutes, we'll 
clarify the role of the essay in the application process and the expectations of college-admissions officials; generate initial content ideas; discuss how to structure the essay; determine a timeline for completing the essay with minimal stress.

This is an deal introduction to the college-application process for HS juniors, as well as for seniors who don't know where to begin.

Virtual one-on-one conversation = $100


It depends how far along in the process a student is when I'm contacted, so call, text, WhatsApp or email me to discuss procedure and fee.

 School Writing Assignments [grades 9-12]

Share a project with me from any convenient digital device, and I'll walk you through the editing process.

Send me an invitation to share your Google doc. We'll connect via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or audio call and work on your school assignment as a team while viewing the document at the same time. The goal is to achieve an error-free, polished draft representing the best work I can squeeze out of you.

Virtual one-on-one conversation = $20 for each 15-minute block of time

5  Personal Statements Intro [grade 10]

Get a stress-free head start on writing a personal essay for college applications.

Option A:  Most juniors and seniors in high school are caught off guard by the kind of essay writing required for college applications. While deadlines are nearing and other responsibilities are piling up, they scramble to figure out what to write. Avoid this situation by preparing in advance when there's less on your academic and extracurricular plates. In a low-key, 50-minute session, I'll introduce you to what's in store down the road so that you'll be ready to write successfully when it counts. We'll also touch on factors to keep in mind when developing a college list.

Virtual one-on-one lesson = $75

Option B:  Following the 50-minute session described above, you'll write a practice essay. After sharing it with me as a Google or Word doc, I'll return it in a week or less with detailed, written feedback.

Virtual one-on-one lesson + written feedback = $125

 Persuasive Writing [grades 10-12]

What does it take to write a successful argumentative essay? I'll try to convince  you.

Option A:  In a 50-minute session, we'll look at sample ACT essay prompts and discuss how to put together an effective response using logic and evidence. The lesson is based on your specific knowledge and skill level.

Virtual one-on-one lesson = $75

Option B:  Following the 50-minute session described above, you'll write a 40-minute practice essay. After you share it with me, I'll provide detailed, written feedback in a week or less.

Virtual one-on-one lesson + written feedback = $125

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