For those on a tight budget or who prefer joining peers asking questions, I offer the following live sessions on select dates:

1 College-Application Essay Class

During a Zoom meeting with a maximum of 8 students, we'll discuss the big picture and key details.

The goals of the 60-minute session are to: explore the role essays play in college applications; introduce the Common App essay topics; touch on supplemental essays; discuss what admissions officers look for; and outline practical steps for starting and completing the writing process. Students are encouraged to ask questions as we go along.

Virtual group lesson = $35 per student (maximum of 8 students)

2  ACT Essay Class 

Meet with me via Zoom for an interactive session limited to 10 students.

In a 50-minute session, I provide an overview of the ACT essay and recommendations on how to write a successful response. Students are welcome to chime in with comments or questions throughout the meeting.

Virtual group lesson = $25 per student (maximum of 10 students)

3  SAT Essay Class

Join me for a Zoom session attended by no more than 10 students.

Over the course of 50 minutes, I fill students in on the SAT essay and share practical advice for raising scores. Participants can sit back quietly and observe, or ask questions along the way.

Virtual group lesson = $25 per student (maximum of 10 students)

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