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For those on a tight budget or who prefer joining peers asking questions, I offer three types of live sessions on select dates:

1 - College Application Essay Class [grades 11-12]

During a Zoom meeting with a maximum of 8 students, we'll discuss the big picture and key details.

The goals of the 60-minute session are to explore the role essays play in college applications; introduce the Common App essay topics; touch on supplemental essays; discuss what admissions officers look for in applicants' essays; and outline practical steps for starting and completing the essay-writing process. Students are encouraged to ask questions as we go along.

Virtual group lesson = $35 per student (maximum of 8 students)

2  Persuasive Writing Class [grades 9-12]

Meet with me via Zoom for an interactive session limited to 10 students.

Examining ACT and SAT essay formats—for many years the tools used by colleges to assess their applicants' skills in identifying and/or implementing persuasive writing strategiesI offer a 50-minute, introductory session covering the desired competencies.

Virtual group lesson = $25 per student (maximum of 10 students)

3  ACT Essay Class [grades 10-12]

Join me for a Zoom session attended by no more than 10 students.

Over the course of 50 minutes, I fill students in on the ACT essay and share practical advice for raising scores. Participants can sit back quietly and observe, or ask questions along the way.

Virtual group lesson = $25 per student (maximum of 10 students)

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